Monday, May 20, 2013

QT011: Copy And Paste Between Projects in Cast Iron Studio

Quick Tip #011: Copy And Paste Between Projects in Cast Iron Studio

Most Cast Iron Studio users already know that you can copy and paste activities.  Cast Iron has good support for this feature and will identify when it needs to create new variables etc.  What a lot of users don't know is that you can actually copy and paste activities between projects.

How Do I Open two Projects at Once?

The key obstacle to cutting and pasting between projects is the fact that Cast Iron Studio only allows you to open one project at a time.  The answer to the question of how to have two projects open at once is actually quite simple: install a second copy of studio.  All you need to do is run the installer a second time and tell it you want to install studio in a new location.  Make sure that you also create a new start menu folder for your second copy of studio, and that is all there is to it.  You can now have two projects open at once.

Once you have the source and target projects open you can copy activities from the source project as you normally would and paste them in to the target project in your second copy of studio as you normally would paste activities.  Whether you right click and choose copy/paste or use the CTRL-C CTRL-V shortcuts, its just that simple.

What Can I Copy?

There is a catch to using this undocumented feature, certain things cannot be copied and may become corrupted when pasted.  Only Activities and their associated variables can be copied and pasted between projects.  Flat File definitions, XML Schemas, WSDLs, and Stylesheets will have to be imported from the source to the target through the Project Tab's Add Document Dialog (remember that for flat file schemas you will have to choose all files to find them in the source project).  Endpoints will need to be recreated and you will likely need to repair some linkages by going to the pick endpoint step of your activities.  Its up to you to decide whether or not this extra work of relinking endpoints and other repair steps are worth it, but if you have a complex map that you do not want to rebuild in a new project it may be worth using this simple trick.

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